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Study guidance at the Faculty of Science and Engineering

Studying at a foreign university often entails a large shift of perspective. Your new university operates under different implied rules and assumptions from your old, the study formats may have changed and the surrounding society works on different premises than you are used to.

This is where the Study counsellors at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University can help you. We are here to aid you in your study-related tasks but also as impartial yet engaged partners should you need someone to talk to concerning your difficulties at the university.

Contacting the Study Counsellors

If you have questions about change of courses visit www.lith.liu.se/for-studenter/kurskomplettering or send an e-mail to kursanmalan.lith@liu.se.

Other matters, or matters requiring a personal meeting, please book an appointment with the study counsellor responsible for your programme. During the summer you may contact studievagledare.lith@liu.se

Exchange students please contact incoming@lith.liu.se.

Note that at the start of each semester and during course application times, the study counsellors have a very high work load so please be patient and book a meeting in good time.

Contact information for Master's Programmes

Advanced Computer Graphics

Aeronautical Engineering

Applied Ethology and Animal Biology

Biomedical Engineering

Communication Electronics

Communication Systems

Computer Science

Computer Systems


Ecology and the Environment

Electronics Engineering

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Industrial Engineering and Management

Intelligent Transport Systems/Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics

Materials Physics and Nanotechnolog/Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Mechanical Engineering

Organic Synthesis/Medicinal Chemistry

Protein Science

Software Engineering and Management

Sustainability Engineering and Management


Wireless Networks and Electronics

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