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Application to a later part – master’s programme

Admission to a later part of the master’s programme refers to admission to programme studies during the second, third or fourth programme semester, aiming for graduation from the programme.

In order to be admitted to a later part of the programme you have to fulfill the prerequisites for the programme as well as the specific requirements for the semester you are applying for. A basic condition for admission is that there are available seats in the specific semester you are applying for. The number of seats that are offered varies from one year to another and between different programmes/semesters. It is not possible to foresee your actual chances of being admitted.


Apply to a later part of a master’s programme using this application form. Send the application form, together with certificates of your previous studies, to admissions@liu.se Application period for the autumn semester is 15 March - 15 April. Application period for the spring semester is 15 October - 15 November.


It is essential that you are able to confirm your qualifications in your application. You need to attach certificates of your previous studies, eg. diploma and a complete transcript of records togehther with a syllabus for each course. They should be certified copies, not the original documents. If you have previously applied for a study programme via antagning.se/universityadmissions.se you don’t have to attach any certificates, as these have already been sent to us. It is, however, your responsibility to make sure that the information that has been given at antagning.se/universityadmissions.se is correct. If something is missing you need to attach this in your application. You do not need to attach certificates from previous studies at LiU. 

If you have taken courses at a university other than LiU, remember to attach the syllabus for the courses which are relevant for the programme you are now applying for. You need to do this even if references of these courses are already available at antagning.se.


You can complete the qualifications which are not available at the moment of submitting your application, latest on 15 June for the autumn semester. For the spring semester the last day to complete your application is 5 February. Please note that the spring semester has already begun at the deadline of supplementing your application.

Letter of admission

For the autumn semester the letter of admission is sent via e-mail latest on 1 July. For the spring semester the letter of admission is sent latest on 12 February. Please note that the spring semester may already have begun when the letter of admission is being sent.

Eligibility and selection

In the rules concerning a later part of a programme the necessary prerequisites concerning a specific programme semester is specified. It is also stated how the selection will be made if there are more eligible applicants than available seats.

Information about basic eligibility for advanced level can be found at University Admissions. Information about special eligibility for the specific programme can be found on the LiU homepage.

Tuition fees

There are special regulations concerning tuition fees for students who are not a citizen of Sweden, another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. Please consult University Admissions for further information. Please see the LiU homepage for more information on the tuition fees of each study programme.


It is not until we have evaluated your prerequisites and confirmed that there are available seats that we can start considering how many of your credits from previous studies that may be recognized. Thus, this consideration can only be made when you have been admitted and it is not possible to say in advance how long your study period is going to be.


For questions concerning the programme and specific requirements please contact the study advisor for the programme, Study Guidance: Faculty of Science and Engineering: Linköping University.

For questions concerning the application process please contact  the Admissions Office

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Last updated: 2022-09-05