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The Study Guidance at the Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Study guidance group at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University exists to help and support students through the problems they may encounter in their studies. The Study counsellors also help presumptive students with their applications and newly admitted students with the formalities of their stay at Linköping University. They are also a part of the faculty's developmental and planning staff.

All study counsellors have an obligation to observe secrecy in regards to student cases.

Study Counsellors

The following Study Counsellors work at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Linköping University. If you're unsure whom to contact, please see the Study guidance pages for your programme.

Marie SöderholmMarie

Study Counsellor

Visiting address:

Campus Norrköping, house Täppan, 6 fl, room 6128.

Even weeks, Mondays and Thursdays. Most Fridays.

Remote work Mondays odd weeks.


Campus Valla, house D, rum C:212.

Even weeks, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Remote work Wednesdays odd weeks.


Drop in first week of the study period, and during application period.

Phone: 013-28 11 31

Programmes: Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics, Industrial Engineering and Management: studievagledare.il@liu.se

Aeronautical Engineering, Design, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainability Engineering and Management: studievagledare.md@liu.se

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Anna KlippingerAnna

Study Counsellor

Visiting address: Campus Valla, D building, room 31:214
Phone:  013-28 16 11
Office Drop-in, Tuesdays 12.15-13.00.
Programmes: Applied Ethology and Animal Biology, Ecology and the Environment, Protein Science, Chemistry: studievagledare.kb@liu.se

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Robert NordmanRobert Nordman

Study counsellor

Visiting address: Tuesday-Friday: Campus Norrköping, Täppan, room 6127, Monday: Campus Valla Linköping, D building, room C:212.
Phone: 011 - 36 30 39
Program: Computer Science: studievagledare.dm@liu.se

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