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Residence Permit

Extension of Residence Permit

If you have a residence permit and plan to continue studying after your permit expires, you must apply to extend it with the Swedish Migration Agency.

Make sure to check the Migration Agency's webpage for all information on how to apply for an extension. You might need to include a certificate from LiU to your application:

  1. If you have had a residence permit for regular study hours and are applying to extend your permit to complete your studies, you should also enclose a certificate from your instructor or other person at the university or university college who is familiar with your studies. ⇒  Book an appointment with Master’s Coordinators Åsa Olsson or Petter Almqvist-Ingersoll in TimeCenter

  2. If you have started your examination work, you must also enclose a recently issued certificate from your instructor describing how the work is progressing. ⇒  Ask your thesis supervisor or examiner to provide you with such a certificate


Please observe the following:

  • It is the Migration Agency who decides if you fulfill the requirements of an extension – not the LiU.

  • You cannot expect to receive a certificate from the Master’s Coordinators on short notice. You must book an appointment in beforehand.

  • The Master’s Coordinators cannot help you with legal advice.

  • The Master’s Coordinators and thesis supervisors/examiners can only verify facts in the certificates.

  • The Master’s Coordinators do not write personal recommendations.

  • If the Migration Agency requires more information from you regarding why your studies have taken longer than planned due to personal circumstances, you must explain this – not the Master’s Coordinators. The burden of proof lies with you.

  • Do not book more than one appointment in Timecenter. It is unfair to your fellow students to occupy appointments in Timecenter which you will not use.

  • If you have a lag of more than four courses, please book an appointment with your Study Councellor to make a Study Plan. 
    ⇒  https://www.lith.liu.se/studievagledning?l=en

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Last updated: 2021-11-17