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Master's Thesis

Find the full presentation here: Masters Thesis Information Oct 2019.pdf


What is a Master’s thesis? And why?

The Master’s thesis aims to demonstrate that the student: 

• Can use acquired knowledge and solve a problem in a scientific framework in relation to the study programme

• Has ability to use both verbal and written communication in a professional manner

• Can assimilate the content of relevant literature and relate thesis work to this

• Can critically review and discuss a thesis presented by another student, both verbally and in writing

• Will demonstrate by own initiative to plan and execute thesis work, but also be able to seek guidance and support from the supervisor, as needed


Permission to begin the thesis work requires:

• A minimum of 60 ECTS credits from programme courses

• 30 ECTS credits must be from advanced level courses (A) in the main subject

• Specific department or programme restrictions may apply


You must apply for the thesis "course":

⇒ https://www.lith.liu.se/for-studenter/anmalan-till-exjobb?l=en

There is no use in applying before you fulfill the requirements!



TEXMAS is the course code of attending thesis presentations. Please make sure to register for course code TEXMAS. Even if you may not attend any thesis presentations until later it is really time-saving to keep being registered. You need to attend three presentations, before presenting your own. Three is the minimum, but we recommend you to attend more – it is really useful. Equal (=advanced level, 30 credits) or higher level, so PhD disputations are also OK. Make sure to write your name on the attendance list.

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