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Program rooms in Lisam

We publish imported information about your studies and program in the program rooms in Lisam. So please visit your program room regularly!

Do you need to extend you residence permit? 

If you have had a residence permit for regular study hours but cannot complete your studies within the given time frame, you need to attach a study certificate to your residence permit application. Read the instructions at the Migration Agency's webpage carefully and contact master.fse@liu.se if you need a study certificate. Make sure to let the Master's Coordinators know the deadline for when to submit the certificate!

Confused by HT21, HT1 and HT2?

Let us make it clear for you! 

HT21 = Autumn semester 2021, consisting of the two study periods HT1 and HT2
VT22 = Spring semester 2022, consisting of the two study periods VT1 and VT2

Course selection period for VT22 is now closed!

If you failed to select courses within the selection period you need to send in a "late course application" through the late application form here: https://www.lith.liu.se/for-studenter/kurskomplettering?l=en

Drop-in cancelled until further notice

The drop-in at the Master's Coordinators office is cancelled until further notice due to LiU distance mode.

The Master's Coordinators are however available through e-mail as usual. You also have the possibility to book a meeting in Timecenter if you feel the need to speak directly with a Master's Coordinator. We can see each other in the office or have the meeting via Teams.






Contact Information


Master's Coordinators:
Emma L Bengtsson
, Åsa Olsson and Petter Almqvist-Ingersoll


Please note:
All e-mails will be handled in order. You will NOT recieve a reply faster just because you send more e-mails.


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