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Course Selection during course selection period

Instructions during course selection period:

  • Log in to Ladok with your LiU-ID
  • Select ”Planned studies” 
  • Choose ”Option”
  • Check your curriculum at the Study Info pages to select the courses you are planning to study
  • Study options --> make your selection by clicking on the button at each course
  • Confirm your selection by clicking on the button for this

You'll find the courses for your programme at Study Info, https://liu.se/studieinfo/en 

You can change your course selection until midnight. Consider your study plan and course selection carefully!


Things to have in mind if you are a fee-paying student

  1.  Make sure to choose the right courses. You will not be able to change a course for free later on, if you have taken any results in the course.
  2. As one of the requirements for a residence permit in Sweden is fulltimestudies, you need to choose courses covering 30 credits per semester.



Course change and course application
- after selection period

It is not as easy as one might think to change a course. If you would like to change a course you need to contact your Master's Coordinator or Study Councellor right away. If you get any results in the course, you will NOT be allowed to change the course for free. 


To apply for a course change or apply for a new course (such as e.g. the Swedish course), please follow the instructions here:


Course change: Make sure to write which course you want to cancel. You need to fill in the form for cancellation as well.


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Last updated: 2021-11-17