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Welcome to the web-based gender-awareness course for teaching assistants at the Faculty of Science and Engineering


Dekanus Johan Ölvander"Everyone should feel welcome"

The future presents us with enormous challenges. This applies to areas such as climate, environment and energy, health, diagnosis and care, as well as safety and risk management. To meet these challenges, competence in technology and science is needed. And no matter what arguments are used, we will need both men and women to solve the problems.

Paying attention to gender and equality is about how we look at each other as human beings. All students should be treated in the same way by teachers and other students. And teaching must be structured so that it does not disadvantage students, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability or age. We who train the technology developers and problem solvers of the future must meet our students in a way that makes all students feel welcome.


Johan Ölvander
Dekanus, LiTH


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1. Facts and figures

2. The teaching assistant

3. Gender in practice

4. Behaviour to be counteracted

5. Examples from courses

6. Teaching assistant experiences

7. Reflection

8. Plan for the gender-awareness course


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