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Module 7: Reflection


This course attempts to present an approach, rather than give instructions about what is “right” and “wrong”. We hope that as a teaching assistant you find the concepts, ideas and examples given in the course useful when refining your experience and understanding of gender-aware teaching.

The reflection guidelines below contain several topics of discussion that we want you to keep in mind when working as a teaching assistant.


Here we present several topics for discussion that you are to consider and respond to in writing. Send your personal reflections in writing to the course leader approximately one week before the final session. The responses will be discussed at this session.



Meeting students – reflect on your own role and identity in your meeting with students


Gender-aware teaching methods are based on the perception that gender is significant in learning, knowledge and teaching.

Conducting gender-aware teaching may involve becoming conscious of how the students are received.


Reflect on the following questions:

  • In your role as teaching assistant, have you been able to use any of the advice given in the course material? If yes, give examples. If no, explain why not.
  • Have you observed any traditional gender-defined patterns in the groups you have worked with? If yes, how were they expressed? If no, describe what you believe has contributed to making the teaching gender-neutral.
  • Have master suppression techniques been used in any situations? (Provide examples.)
  • Whose questions are treated as interesting, and whose questions are seldom followed up? What do you believe to be the cause of this?


Gender and gender equality

  • Who you are affects how what you say is interpreted. Have any situations arisen in your work in which you believe that gender has played a role? If yes, provide examples. If no, consider what has contributed to the absence of situations in which issues of gender have been relevant.

Against the background of the course material, can you give examples of events during the course in which the gender-based perceptions of the people involved became apparent?


What can gender awareness contribute to your role as teaching assistant?

How have your own ideas about gender and gender equality changed while taking this course and working as teaching assistant on a course? How have your ideas about the role of teaching assistant changed?


Advice for prospective teaching assistants

What advice would you give to prospective teaching assistants? Why?



NB! The written answers should consist of 1-2 single-spaced A4 pages, written in 12-point Times font.



1. Facts and figures

2. The teaching assistant

3. Gender in practice

4. Behaviour to be counteracted

5. Examples from courses

6. Teaching assistant experiences

7. Reflection

8. Plan for the gender-awareness course


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