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Study handbook

The study handbook for PhD studies describes the goals and the learning outcomes of the PhD studies, as well as admission requirements, contain the study syllabus for each major subject, mandatory courses and examination requirements, provides guidelines for supervision, accreditation of courses, individual study plan. 

Here you can find the essential section of the study handbook in English.

The Study handbook is devided in six chapters and an annex:

Chapter 1. The goals and objectives of the PhD studies

Chapter 2. Admission

Chapter 3. Study funding

Chapter 4. Supervision

Chapter 5. General study syllabus

Chapter 6. Thesis

Annex A. Learning outcomes for PhD degree and learning outcomes for Licentiate degree, according to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education.

Notice that if there is a deference between the Swedish and English version of the study handbook it is always the Swedish version that has legal efficacy.  If you are missing something please contact the page responsible.

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Last updated: 2013-12-09