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Chapter 3. Study funding


3.1 General information on study funding

3.2 Employment as a PhD studnet "doktorand"


3.1 General information on study funding

§1   Admission to PhD studies is strictly conditional on the applicant being assessed to have acceptable funding in place for the entire period of study. At the Institute of Technology employment as a PhD student is the normal way to finance research studies. 

§2   When a department is able to accept a research student funded wholly or in part by a PhD student post, this is to be advertised. This does not apply in the case of PhD students who are accepted to the latter part, that have been in receipt of special education assistance or postgraduate students who started their studies at a different seat of learning or if similar specific reasons apply. 

§3   The department may also admit applicants with other forms of funding if this is assessed to be guaranteed for the entire length of study and the student can dedicate sufficient time to study such that this can be completed within eight years in the case of a doctorate and four years for a licentiate degree. Acceptable forms of funding include employment elsewhere (e.g. with a company or other seat of learning) with at least 50 percent of their working time available for study, and externally awarded scholarships. An agreement should be established between the department and funding body to reduce the risk of loss of funding. Standard agreement forms are available from the faculty.  

A decision on admission as a PhD student by funding other than salary shall be taken by the dean. See Chapter 2.4.

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3.2 Employment as a PhD Student "doktorand"

§4   Employment as a doktorand is only open to persons admitted as a PhD student; i.e. also to licentiate degree students. A decision on the establishment and appointment of a PhD student post is taken by the board of the respective department.

§5   Anyone who is already employed as a PhD student and is pursuing their research studies with success has priority for reappointment.

§6   Employment as a PhD student is considered a full-time post. If a PhD student so requests, the position can be part-time, however not less than 50 percent of full-time. Employment is permament however no longer than until a certain point in time and never longer than one year after completion of a doctorate. However initial employment is for a maximum of one year. The position will then be renewed up to a maximum of two years at a time.

§7   The combined length of employment may not exceed the corresponding time for full-time postgraduate study for a doctorate and two years for a licentiate degree. This excludes time spent studying when the student was not employed as a doctoral student.

§8   However, the combined length of employment may exceed the above if there are specific grounds for this, such as absence due to sickness, parental leave, care of close relative, national service or a commission of trust within a union or student organisation.  

§9   A person employed as a PhD student should primarily dedicate their time to their own postgraduate studies. An employee may, however, spend a limited time doing teaching, other research and administration, which is known as department service duties. This may occupy no more than 20 percent of total working time as set out in the full study plan.

       Everyone employed as a PhD student must adhere to the rules applicable for government employees and the rules that specifically apply for Linköping University. The department will provide further information on these rules and any other information concerning employment. Salaries are set as part of salary negotiations at the university. 

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