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Chapter 4. Supervision


4.1 General

4.2 Supervisors and examiner


4.1 General

§1   All PhD students admitted from 1 July 2007, are to have at least two supervisors - one main supervisor and at least one co-supervisor. This also is applied to students admitted before this date who request two supervisors.  

§2   The supervisors are to be appointed by the board of the department or the body to which this is delegated by the departmental board. The main supervisor is, unless specific grounds apply,  to have a docent level qualification. Co-supervisors are to have completed a PhD degree or possess equivalent knowledge.

§3   Only persons employed by Linköping University and unsalaried docents may be appointed as a main supervisor. Exceptions to this rule can be made

·   if the main supervisor ceases to be employed by Linköping University before the PhD student completes his or her degree. In such cases the main supervisor, on the resolution of the faculty board, can continue to be main supervisor until the time the student completes his or her degree.

·   for national graduates schools where cooperation between several universities is established. In such cases, a main supervisor who primarily works at another university can be appointed as co-supervisor provided that he/she has a teaching role at the other university. 

·   if particular reasons apply.

       Exceptions to the rule are resolved by the faculty board. This task cannot be delegated.

§4   PhD students have the right to supervision for the length of time that can be considered necessary for the time of their education. The main supervisor is responsible for ensuring the knowledge required for each PhD student is specified in an individual study plan.  

§5   A PhD student has the right to change supervisor on request. A new supervisor will be appointed by the board of the department. A copy of the decision is sent to FUN. Details of the main supervisor, co-supervisors and any change of supervisors are to be documented in Ladok.


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4.2 Supervisors and examiner

§6   Courses and other examinations included in the program at PhD level are to be given the grade pass or fail. The grade is determined by an examiner. 

§7   The faculty board has ultimate responsibility for appointing an examiner for each course and examination. The task of appointing an examiner is normally delegated to the board of the department or authority to which the task is delegated.

§8   Only a person who is a lecturer or acting lecturer at Linköping University for which a PhD degree or equivalent knowledge is required, as well as an unsalaried docent, can act as an examiner.

§9   The main supervisor is responsible for the entire course of study. It is the responsibility of the main supervisor to ensure all passes are registered in Ladok and to determine, and where necessary certify, that all degree requirements are satisfied, with the exception of the Faculty resolved mandatory courses.

§10 The main supervisor acts as examiner for PhD study courses for which a specific examiner is not prescribed.

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