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Application for licentiate seminar 

Licentiate thesis 

The licentiate thesis must be defended at a public seminar, where an examiner and an opponent are involved. They should have a PhD degree. Anyone who has been supervisor, or has another relationship with the respondent or the supervisors, can not be appointed as examiner or opponent. The mandatory seminar take place during the academic year and is announced on public no later than three weeks in advance.  The licentiate seminar is to be chaired by the examiner. Decision on the grade is taken by the examiner, after discussions with the opponent and the supervisor.



The application must be submitted to the Board of PhD studies no later than three months before the date of the licentiate seminar and during the academic year. An application made later then stipulated time frame is not to be processed and the main supervisor has to made a new application in accordance with the faculty's stipulated regulations.

The application shall contain:

  • Completed form Application of a licentiate seminar (pdf with a proposal of a faculty opponent and examiner and a short presentation of them (approximately 5-10 sentences for each person). All of them should have been accepted the assignment. Keep in mind that the supervisors and the respondent should not have joint publications with suggested examiner and/or opponent over the past 5-6 years. If this is the case after all, this should be an explanation in an appendix to the notification. Read more about conflict of intressts here.
  • An abstract of the thesis 
  • A popular scientific summary in Swedish
  • A list of publications: clarify your contribution to the publications
  • A copy of the latest ISP with Annex the degree outcomes
  • Ladok - registration certificate in Swedish for the period of time when the PhD student is enrolled on PhD studies at LiU

All documents should be sent as an e-mail attachment to fun.lith@liu.se.

The deadline to submit the application for a licentiate seminar during the first three weeks in the autumn semester is April 1st.

The deadline to submit the application for a licentiate seminar during weeks 36-38 is May 1st.

















PhD studies in numbers, 2022

PhD students admitted: 80

PhD students in progress: 525

PhD degree certificates issued: 86

Lic degree certificates issued: 23


Academic year 2022-2023

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