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Preliminary review of a doctoral theses

Preliminary review of a doctoral theses is mandatory at the Faculty of Science and Engineering from 1 July 2017. The review is perfprmed by the regular examination board members, on behalf of the Board of PhD Studies. The statements will only apply whether the examination board members believe that the thesis holds such quality that it can be presented and defended at a public defense, and is thus no guarantee that the thesis and its defence will be accepted.

The PhD student supplies all regular examination board members with electronic copy of the doctoral thesis. The material is also sent to the Board of PhD Studies (fun.lith@liu.se). Keep in mind that the opponent also needs all contents in good time.

For more information see also The Study handbook Chapter 6.3 PhD degree§ A preliminary review of the thesis.

PhD studies in numbers, 2017

PhD students admitted: 96

PhD students in progress: 596

PhD degree certificates issued: 85


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