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Methodology of Science and Technology, 4 ECTS

It is mandatory for all PhD students at LiTH to take the faculty resolved courses in methodology of science and technology, and ethics of at least 6 credits. After completed courses, the doctoral student should have knowledge of scientific method in general, should demonstrate intellectual autonomy, integrity and an ability to make ethical judgments and demonstrate in-depth insight the possibilities and limitations of science, and its role in the society.

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COurses at LiU

Becoming a teacher in Higher Education, 6 credits - course in advanced level, Higher Education


COurses at LiTH

Research Ethics, 2ECTS

Methodology of Science and Technology, 4 ECTS

MAI0008 Nonlinear optimization, equations and least squares, 9hp (MAI)

Neural Networks and Deep Learning, (IDA&ISY)

Practical scientific presentation technique (3 hp)

Intellectual Property as a Business Tool  

Matrix Analysis (MAI)



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