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Fundamentals for PhD Studies in Science and Engineering, 6 ECTS

Course Syllabus
Cycle/Course level: 3rd cycle/PhD course
The course is primarily open to all PhD students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (LiTH) at LiU.
Learning outcomes
The PhD course Fundamentals for PhD Studies in Science and Engineering, 6 ECTS is organized into four modules (M). The course focuses on important topics that all PhD students need to have knowledge on to fulfill PhD examination outcomes according to the Higher Education Ordinance.
After the course the PhD student is able to fullfill the outcomes related to the different modules, i.e. the student is able to:
• demonstrate basic skills in planning and undertaking research and other qualified tasks within predetermined time frames
• demonstrate basic skills in research communication
• discuss basic insights into philosophy of science
• connect the foundations, methods, and implications of science to (1) Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) research areas, (2) basic and applied research, (3) connections between research and practice, and (4) the relation between technology and society.
• demonstrate an understanding of the limits and possibilities for research in STEM areas
• be able to present and discuss economic, social and ecological fundamentals and current global predicaments in sustainable development and technology
• identify and reflect on sustainability aspects related to the PhD students’ own research field
• to present and discuss fundamental perspectives and concepts in gender and equality
• identify and reflect on gender and equality in relation to the PhD student’s own research fie related to the PhD students’ own research field
• describe and apply theories and methods in ethics and research ethics
• give an overview of important issues in research ethics, like responsibility for research, ethical vetting, and scientific misconduct.
• reflect on ethical issues related to one’s own research area in general and PhD project in particular
Course content
The course provides fundamentals for PhD studies in Science and Engineering, including research methodology, basic skills including planning and research communication, sustainability, gender and equality and ethics. Learning activities are focused on creating insight into, basic knowledge about and further planning for on fulfilling PhD learning outcomes for PhD students in STEM areas.
Teaching and Course Organisation
The course is organized into four modules (M).
• M1: Introduction to scientific methodology and basic skills for PhD studies,
• M2: Sustainable research and society,
• M3: Gender and equality,
• M4: Research ethics,
Each of the modules is completed through several learning activities, including lectures, seminars, and assignments. Module 1 includes a final assignment that focuses on creating and communicating a plan for continued learning activities on each of the topics of the course.
Course language: English.
The course is examined based on active participation of the PhD students in the different modules and the different prescribed activities and assignments in the modules.
M1: The module is examined based on active participation of the PhD students, a written assignment, presentations and discussions.
M2: Active participation and individual assignment
M3: Active participation and individual assignment
M4: Active participation and individual assignment
Attendance is required for a passing grade.
Marking scale: Pass / Fail
Course material includes reading of scientific articles as well as popular scientific material and will be specified in the course description.
M1: Nicolette Lakemond
M2: Ola Leifler
M3: Jan Eric Stehr
M4: Elin Palm
Course examiner
Nicolette Lakemond
Additional Information
Relevant for the degree outcomes: A2, B1, B2, B4, B6, C1, C2



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Fundamentals for PhD Studies in Science and Engineering

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