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Admission requirements


The structure of higher education in Sweden and also at the Institute of Technology at Linköping university has three cycles:

  • Bachelor or undergraduate level, called first cycle, which often continues in three years and concludes with a bachelor thesis.
  • Master or graduate level, the second cycle, which continues in one or two years and is based on the idea that before entering the master program the student has already completed a bachelor examina.
  • PhD studies or postgraduate level, i.e. the third cycle is the third and last level of higher education in Sweden.


For admission to the third cycle the applicant has to be deemed to have ability to benefit from the education and meet the general requirements to the third cycle:

  • a second cycle qualification or
  • completed course requirements of at least 240 ECTS of which 60 ECTS within the second cycle or
  • equivalent level of knowledge acquired in Sweden or abroad, as well as specific requirements at the institutional level.

For each major field there may be additional requirements described in the study handbook (right now available only in Swedish). You can also contact the Director of PhD Studies at our Departments for information in English.


Higher education institutions (HEIs) are only permitted to admit an applicant whose funding is considered to be guaranteed for the entire period of PhD studies. At the Institute of Technology, the normal way of funding is an employment, a PhD studentship "doktorandanställning". Vacant positions are announced on the Linköping University website.

directors of PHD-studies


Zebo PengIDA

Maria Björklund, IEI 

Iryna Yakymenko, IFM

Elin Nyman, IMT

Mark Vesterbacka, ISY

Anna Fredriksson, ITN

Axel Hultman, MAI

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Last updated: 2022-02-09