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Report a study break

Here, students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering can report a study break, a maximum of two semesters in a row. The Faculty will not approve or deny this report and you will not receive any confirmation by e-mail. However, you need to have been consulting your Study Councellor or Master's Coordinator before filling out this form. When we have added your study break in our system, you will be able to see it in the Student Portal.

If you have reported a study break and want to continue studying after the break, do not forget to pre-select courses during the pre-selection period. If you do this you have a guaranteed place in the programme, on condition that the programme and the courses are still given.

If you are a fee-paying student, please observe the following: If you are in Sweden on a residence permit for studies your purpose for being in Sweden are studies. If you are no longer studying in Sweden, you might need to consider withdrawing your residence permit for studies. It is important that you understand that a study break could affect your future residence permit applications. A study break does not offer any relaxation of the requirements at an extension application e.g. the requirement of acceptable progress in your studies. Please be aware of this and contact the Migration Agency if you have questions regarding your residence permit.


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Last updated: 2020-02-24