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Application for thesis

Please note: VPN/ThinLinc is now required for accessing LiUdesk/Service Web when you are not connected to LiU's wifi/on-campus network. Find further information here

Students at the Faculty of Science and Engineering apply for the thesis work via this web page. Select your programme below and complete the form, but first please read the instructions.  

  • The rules for thesis work are found in the heading Common Rules after choosing your study program here.

  • Make sure that you meet the requirements found in the course syllabus. More information on thesis work you may find here.

  • The major subject for your program is shown in the program syllabus.

  • If you fulfill the prerequisites, a notification will be sent to the department. Should your application be rejected, both you and the department will be noticed. You may always follow your application in the serviceweb.

  • When you start your thesis, you must register for the thesis in the Student Portal/Ladok.


Proceed to the form Application for Thesis

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Last updated: 2022-04-06