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Requirements for participation

To get a diploma, you must have obtained your degree from the Faculty of Science and Engineering. This applies to undergraduate and postgraduate education, not a doctoral degree. For the upcoming Ceremony on November 27, we have already filled the number who want to participate. That application could be made this spring when everyone who graduated in 2020 received an invitation. Those of you who graduated in 2021 will receive an invitation to the spring festival on June 3, 2022. That invitation will be sent in February.

Anyone who wants to attend a graduation ceremony must have received their degree. Keep in mind that the processing time for the degree takes 6-8 weeks, so apply for a degree at the degree unit in good time.

Graduates are not restricted to a specific Ceremony event – you may attend any future Ceremony (subject to availability) so long as you have never attended before. You will however not receive further invitations. Instead you must keep track of upcoming dates yourself and contact us if you are interested.

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Last updated: 2021-10-12