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Requirements for participation

The Graduation Ceremony is only open to graduates of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The following applies for those who want to attend the 27 November 2021 Ceremony.

2020 graduates who previously registered their interest have priority. Students graduating in 2021 will receive an invitation at the end of October but their participation will be subject to availability. Those who cannot be accommodated in November will be referred to the May 2022 Ceremony.

An invitation will go out in October to students who have filed a full degree application (including all final grades and the degree paper). The application must be filed no later than 30 August 2021 to guarantee that your degree will be processed in time, so that you can be invited in October. You then have to RSVP no later than 7 November 2021.

Graduates are not restricted to a specific Ceremony event – you may attend any future Ceremony (subject to availability) so long as you have never attended before. You will however not receive further invitations. Instead you must keep track of upcoming dates yourself and contact us if you are interested.

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Last updated: 2021-04-09