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Graduation Ceremony 8-9 May 2021

DiplomeringscermoninThere will be several minor ceremonies at Linköping Concert & Congress Hall on 8 and possibly also 9 May 2021. The exact dates will be decided in Februrary depending on the number of RSVPs. You will be notified about the date, time and group you will be joining to receive your diploma.

The ceremony is presented by our two Director festivitatis: Ingemar Ingemarsson, Professor Emeritus, and Daniel Carlsson, Assistant Lecturer.

Should coronavirus restrictions still be in place by May, we will ensure that the number of attendees are in accordance with recommendations from the Public Health Agency. The ceremonies will be programme-specific, with around 30 participants per group. Unfortunately this means that family and friends cannot attend, but they may follow the ceremony online via a live video stream.

The peak of the ceremony is when you enter the main stage to receive your diploma from the hands of Helena Herbertsson, Pro Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Afterwards you will be treated to refreshments and musical entertainment in the Concert Hall. You will also hear a speech by the Dean.

The diplomas are custom-made for this ceremony and will be offered free of charge to all attending students. Because of the pandemic, non-attending students may also request to have his or her diploma sent to them by mail.

Graduates are required to RSVP in order to take part in this ceremony or to receive the diploma by mail. Please go here to learn more.

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