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The reflection document is the final step in the thesis work and should give the student the opportunity to reflect on the completed thesis work and on the study programme as a whole. Hence, the document is an important tool for the Board of Study in the work to ensure the quality of the study programme.


The purpose of the reflection document is as follows:

  • To give the student opportunity to reflect upon the experiences and lessons learned through the completed thesis, with regard to subject knowledge, skills, abilities, etc.
  • To provide feedback to the examiner, the department(s), the board of study and the Faculty of Science and Engineering about how the process for the degree project worked.
  • To provide feedback to the board of studies about how well the education meets the program's goals and prepares the students for working life.


Examination details

The reflection document is included in the examination code UPG1 of the degree thesis. For final approval of the reflection document, the document must include reflection on all elements according to the headings specified in the document below and include 2-4 A4 pages. In addition, the student's name and social security number must be stated in the submitted document. The student must send the reflection document electronically to the examiner.

When the examiner has determined that the task is complete, the examiner will report the final approval in LADOK. The examiner will also ensure that the reflection document is sent to the board of studies by sending the electronic version to programnamnder.lith@liu.se.


Detailed instructions

Reflection document Master (pdf)

Reflection document Master of Science in Engineering (pdf)

Reflection document Bachelor of Science (pdf)

Reflection document Bachelor of Science in Engineering (pdf)

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