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Restrictions have been lifted

(Updated 6 October 2021)

Many of the restrictions and recommendations that have been in place during the coronavirus pandemic were lifted on 29 September. LiU is now in Pandemic Level 1, which means a gradual return to work and study. The details of this process may vary between different parts of the university. The basic advice to wash your hands, stay at home if you have any symptoms, and get tested if you suspect Covid-19 infection, remains.

Administrative and technical staff are recommended to make a soft return to campus and spend approximately 50 percent of their working time at the office during October. In November employees are expected to work full time on campus.

The Dean's Office of the Faculty of Science and Engineering in D Building is now open for visitors.

  • Study advisers are working part-time on campus. Students who wish to meet study advisers should book an appointment here. You can choose between two calendars - one for online meetings, and one for physical on-campus appointments.
  • Students interested in studying abroad should e-mail outgoing@lith.liu.se to set up a meeting with our international coordinators.
  • International programme students with questions of an administrative nature should go to TimeCenter to book an appointment with our coordinators.

For detailed information about how LiU is adjusting to the pandemic, please visit LiU's global coronavirus info page.


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