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Reflection Document - Thesis Work

The thesis work is an independent work performed at the end of the education and where the acquired knowledge and skills are applied and used. The thesis work also signifies a deepening within the field of education. The objectives of the Master's thesis are described in the syllabus.

In addition to the written report, a reflective discussion paper must be provided to the examiner. Here, the thesis work should be put in relation to the knowledge and skills acquired during the education. Each student should submit a discussion paper.

The purposes of the reflection document are:

  • to reflect on how the individual skills have developed during the thesis work.
  • to provide the examiner and the programme board with feedback on how well the process of doing a thesis has worked and how the student's own contribution has affected the implementation and outcome.
  • to provide feedback to the program board for how well the educational program has succeeded in its task to ensure that the objectives of the program are met

Instructions for writing reflection paper

The following topics / areas are to be included in the reflection document

Reflection on how the thesis work relates to the goals of the programme

How does your thesis relate to the educational goals of the programme?
The goals are described in the programme syllabus

Reflection on your own work

  • Planning

    Did the planning provide good support for the implementation? Was enough time put on planning? Were the preconditions satisfactory for the work? The thesis work should correspond to a particular workload, (1.5 credits = one week of full-time job), how well does this correspond to your efforts?

  • Implementation and report writing

    Was the disposal of time for writing satisfactory? What was problematic and why? What went better than expected and why?

    Were you adequately prepared to write a degree work report? Did you have sufficient language skills (English, other language)? Are you satisfied with the way you carried out your thesis work?

    In case the thesis work was carried out together with another student, describe how you divided the work. Was the cooperation positive or negative; in what way? Reflect on the amount of independent work put in.

Reflection on the subject content, knowledge, skills and attitudes most useful for the completion of the thesis work

What areas and course modules of the education have been most useful for the thesis work, and what new knowledge and skills have been necessary to complement with to carry out the work? Do you feel well prepared for your future career?


The reflection document is part of the examination element UPG1 of the thesis work and should, to be approved, include reflections on all modules under the headings listed above and comprise 2-4 A4 pages.

The student must send the reflection document electronically to the examiner. In addition to reporting in LADOK (student's complete name and Swedish personal id number must be included in the submitted document!), the examiner should ensure that the reflection document is sent electronically to the administrative coordinator of the programme board responsible for the degree which the thesis will to be included in.


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