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Accreditation of courses


Accreditation of faculty mandatory courses

Acreditation of the faculty mandatory courses is to be done on an application by the student and is made on a provided form. She/he leaves the application to the faculty board for PhD studies (FUN) for a decision.  A course certificate and course syllabus is to be attached to the application. Decision regarding accreditation is made by the chairman of FUN. A copy of the decision is to be provided immediately to the student. The student may appeal the decision to FUN, within three weeks after the decision is made.

Form for accreditation of faculty mandatory courses (pdf, pdf-not fillable)

Accreditation of other courses

Application for accreditation of other then the faculty mandatory courses is made on a provided form by the student; the application is to be attested or reject by the main supervisor and a positive decision on accreditation is taken by the Director of PhD studies at the department. A denial on accreditation of courses can not be made by the Director of PhD studies, but only by the Faculty board of PhD studies (FUN). An application for accreditation of courses that is not approved by the Director of PhD studies have to be sent to FUN. Regulations on course accreditation can be found in Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 6 Section § 6 - 8 as well as the university's local regulations for PhD studies (number LiU-2014-00530) and faculty study handbook for PhD studies. A denial on a request for course accreditation can be appealed.

Form for accreditation of other courses (pdf, pdf- not fillable)

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