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Nailing of the PhD thesis


Nailing is an academic ritual. All PhD theses must be made public by being nailed up no later than three weeks before the public defence. This gives people opportunity to read the thesis in advance, and to be able to pose relevant question during the defence. Before you do this, the Dean approves the printed thesis for nailing.

One of the signed copies is nailed outside C2 in Builing C (or the Library in Kåkenhus) during the semester and no later than three weeks before the defence. The separate page in the theses is published on the web and information about your public defence can be read by anyone interested.


Må spikas!

Well in advance (preferably at least three weeks) before the date of naling you should schedule an appointment with the Dean Ulf Nilsson to endorse your thesis with the words ”Må spikas!”. You should have three copies of your thesis with you. Contact faculty coordinator Margareta Johansson, margareta.johansson@liu.se, phone 013-282398 to make the appointment.

Before naling

  • Submit 10 copies to the university library (in the case the thesis is published at LiU E-Press), otherwise 40 copies of the printed thesis. Receipt is given for the delivery.
  • Submit 70 copies to your department. Receipt is given for the delivery.
  • There are hammers and nails at the Deans Office (TFK), Building D (Linköping), or the Head of the Department ITN (Norrköping).
  • Leave at the Deans Office (Linköping) or to the Head of the Department (Norrköping)
    • two copies of your thesis and
    • the receipts from the Library and the Department.

Your department is responsible for providing information about the public defence at "News & Events" (Kalendariet).

PhD studies in numbers, 2016

PhD students admitted: 88

PhD students in progress: 614

PhD degree certificates issued: 85


Academic year 2017-2018

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