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Application for public defence of PhD thesis


The application to the Board of PhD studies should be submitted no later than three months before the proposed date for public defence and  during term time. The application shall contain:

  • Completed and signed application form with a proposal of a faculty opponent and examination committee (all of them should have been accepted the assignment). See the guidance (available only in Swedish) regarding examination committee.
  • An abstract of the thesis 
  • A list of publications: clarify your contribution to the publications
  • A popular scientific summary in Swedish
  • A copy of the latest ISP with Annex
  • Short presentation of the opponent and examination board members (approximately 5-10 sentences for each person)
  • A list from Ladok of all courses which are included in the PhD studies (use UT90 for printing the list). Check that all courses have a correct English title.

All documents should be sent as an e-mail attachment to fun.lith@liu.se. Send the signed application form by internal mail to the Faculty (House D, TFK, Forskarutbildningsnämnden).

The deadline to submit the application for the public defence during the first three weeks in the autumn semester  is May 1.

"§21  The main supervisor is summoned to a meeting of the Board of PhD studies (or to a delegation meeting with the board chairman) to discuss the case and to make a brief presentation of the content of the thesis and other facts that can be of interest to the board. The choice of faculty opponent and examination board is to be justified and  the Board of PhD studies (or the chairman) then resolve on this. The Board of PhD studies circulates extracts of the minutes to all concerned." (Study handbook, Ch 6.3)


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